Certain shots are rare and involve a ton of skill along with a bit of luck. Eyewear protection in adolescents is just as rare. Countless times I have seen families gathered on a course enjoying a great day of golf to witness all the adults wearing sunglasses but none of the children. There is great admiration for parents who get their children outside to enjoy a family day of good ol’ fun sporting but failing to provide proper eyewear for kids while outside could expose them to UV damage in their eyes. Parents who incorporate outdoor activities including getting them out on the course set a foundation for a love of nature, structure and communication.  Inadvertently, parents may even be helping preserve their children’s eyesight by getting them outdoors.

The average adolescent spends more time on a digital device than an adult does at a full day at work. The consequences the eyecare community is seeing includes a sharp increase in young myopic patients. Myopia is the loss of farsightedness and inhibits kids from seeing clearly from a distance contributing to initial difficulty in learning until a proper diagnosis is reached.

It is essential to get our kids outdoors to reduce the chances of degenerative eye disease, but it is also important to ensure we are protecting their eyes from harmful light.

Henrik knows how important it is to care for his kids’ eyes and has put the same care into his eyewear. The Iceman, his signature design, also comes in a smaller size as the Iceman II; tailored for junior golfers and those with smaller facial features. The Iceman II carries all of the features and benefits available with the Iceman original.

Some tips to encourage your kids to wear sunglasses while out on the green:

  • Lead the effort – What better way to show the importance of protecting your eyes than by wearing a pair of Iceman glasses yourself.
  • Get Social – Tag us and your family at #henrikstensoneyewear.
  • Make it cool- Get them involved and show them photos of Henrik’s Instagram images @Henrickstensoneyewear.
  • Timing – Introduce the sunglasses at opportune times that express excitement; like the start of a drive or going to a theme park.
  • Accept rejection – do not make wearing sunglasses a big deal. If they say no, just let it go and try again another time.
  • Make it educational – share the features and benefits of wearing sun protection.
  • Reward – reward and reinforce good habits.
  • Stay optimistic – avoid giving up. With patience and persistence you will build great habits with your kids.

With these tips and the help of sportsman products we hope you promote fun outdoor activities with your children while keeping their eyesight safe.

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