To play your best round, you need the right tools. You wouldn’t show up to play without the right shoes or glove. The right golf shoes will grip the turf and place you firmly on the ground as you prepare to hit your drive. The right glove will help you control your shot. Equally as important are the right sunglasses. On those bright sunny days you need the optimal eye protection to give you a clear view, blocking out glare and wind. But sunglasses do so much more that just protect you from the elements.

Let’s get enlightened! Sunlight is a super source for both harmful and beneficial light. When you have an overexposure of sunlight, it can be as minimal as a painful sunburn or as extreme as causing damage of the cellular DNA leading to skin cancer. With the average golf game consisting of at least four hours during peak UV-index times, the exposure to harmful UV-400 is prolonged and we should take the necessary steps to protect ourselves. These steps include sun block lotions, adequate Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) clothing and eyewear protection.

Let’s focus on eyewear protection and how Henrick Stenson Eyewear should be with you on the course more often than you utilize your 7 iron. Applying sunblock often comes as an afterthought as it takes more work than just throwing on a great looking UPF POLO. It’s sticky, messy and applying it around your eyes and on your eyelids can cause some discomfort, especially on a hot humid day when your sweat rolls some of that lotion into your eyes. Ouch! There is no better solution to protect your eyes than a great pair of sunglasses.

Consider the following: when its bright, windy and/or dusty outside, the right pair of shades can turn an uncomfortable environment to a completely enjoyable day of swinging away.  Getting outdoors is vital to your health both physically and mentally. Balance is key to the game and hitting greens in regulation is just as important as strong putting skills. So is such the concept of sunlight exposure. Beneficial sunlight contributes to a healthy body as it boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function and elevates mood. Your skin also converts sunlight via a chain of reactions into a good amount of Vitamin D. The perfect pair of sunglasses will keep you covered while you enjoy all the benefits of sunlight.

Henrik personally works hand in hand and oversees the HSE products along with leading eyewear industry leaders, laboratories, manufacturers, and innovators to bring you some of the best technologies to protect you from the elements. Henrik and his team of experts have taken into consideration not only the harmful radiation but also fit, comfort, durability and style. Let’s face it, this product is sitting on your face and protecting some of the most vulnerable assets to your health and wellness; your sight.

Sight is often overlooked but should be as important as your grip, movement and focus. The amazing organ that gives us this gift is susceptible to damage and sometimes this damage can be irreversible causing permanent vision loss. Henrik Stenson Eyewear provides the perfect combination of protection and style with its Power Eye Technology and innovative design.

Check out the Iceman and our other performance styles and find the perfect fit for your next round. 

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