Each of our sunglasses use PowerEye Technology for superior lens material.  This results in lighter, thinner, stronger lens material technology efficient enough for space travel combined with high definition contrast capabilities, protecting your vision from harmful light, and ensuring impact and scratch resistance.

Our Iceman, Iceman II, and Stinger glasses all have interchangeable lenses.   While it ultimately comes down to personal preference, below are a few tips for choosing a lens color:

Brown Tints – Heighten contrast and visual perception with minimal color distortion. Improves contrast on grass as well as against blue skies. Follow the ball in the air and enjoy sharp contrasts on fairways and greens.

Grey Tints – Best for bright days because they cut the sun’s rays without substantially affecting true colors. Considered a neutral lens.

Pink Tints – Heighten contrast but can distort colors, particularly effective on the putting green. When you line up a putt, the color green tends to saturate the naked eye. Pink lenses highlight red and yellow hues in the color green, helping see the contours and read breaks better.

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Henrik Stenson Eyewear create stylish, functional and durable eyewear. The HS Performance collection has glasses and lenses well-suited for golf and other activities and our Street Sunglasses are classic models with carefully worked details and a pure, conscious design.


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