Iceman White

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Lens color

Grey lens with flash blue coating

Face fit

Medium to large

Front lens

137 mm


24 mm


137 mm

Iceman White

Iceman is a highly functional sports model, particularly well suited for golf and other activities with high visual demands with high comfort and protection. The frame is developed in a very lightweight material and have a high-contrast & HD lens.

The TR-90 provides high comfort during activity, with 3-point grip, a unique balance between comfort and performance, lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. Along with Cap Grip Iceman increases functionality and comfort during activity.

Interchangeable Lens Advantages

Brown Tints - Heighten contrast and visual perception with minimal color distortion. Improves contrast on grass as well as against blue skies. Follow the ball in the air and enjoy sharp contrasts on fairways and greens.

Grey Tints – Best for bright days because they cut the sun’s rays without substantially affecting true colors. Considered a neutral lens.

Pink Tints – Heighten contrast but can distort colors, particularly effective on the putting green. When you line up a putt, the color green tends to saturate the naked eye. Pink lenses highlight red and yellow hues in the color green, helping see the contours and read breaks better.

PowerEye Technology

Superior Lens Material
Lighter, thinner, stronger lens material technology efficient enough for space travel combined with high definition contrast capabilities, protecting your vision from harmful light, and ensuring impact and scratch resistance.

Advanced Coating Technology
A Powerful combination of industry-leading one-way mirror coating and superior oleophobic coating to resist and repel dirt, sweat, oils providing optimal vision in harsh environments like snow and open water.

Extraordinary Wearability
Comfort and support in mind with 3 points of soft-touch and slip-reducing polymers at key pressure point to ensure no distractions, providing an empowering focus at the task at hand

Designed for the elements
Mono 6-base curved lens features no obstructions in peripheral vision. Providing complete protection from the elements, direct and indirect sunlight, wind, water and sand.

Protecting your investment - Performance Lines
A hard case and microfiber bag included which efficiently can be used as a cleaning cloth. All packed in an elegant HSE logo box.

Protecting your investment - Street and Hybrid Lines
A soft felt sleeve and cleaning cloth included. All packed in an elegant HSE logo box.

HS Performance

Henrik Stenson Performance eyewear offers excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays, both blue light and UV radiation. By using our Performance glasses, sun glare and other visual and optical interference is effectively reduced, preventing eye fatigue. Our lenses enhances contrast so the terrain appears more distinct while at the same time maintaining a natural colour balance. The result is superior visual comfort at all times.

Experience Henrik Stenson Eyewear – optimized for your protection and performance.

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Henrik Stenson Eyewear create stylish, functional and durable eyewear. The HS Performance collection has glasses and lenses well-suited for golf and other activities and our Street Sunglasses are classic models with carefully worked details and a pure, conscious design.