Iceman 3.0 Dark Grey Matte (Copy)

Stinger is a highly functional sports model, particularly well-suited for golf and other activities that requires high visual demands, high comfort and protection. The frame is developed in a very lightweight material and together with the two-piece lens it offers great comfort during activity. The Stinger model comes with two options for the nose pad to allow for different fits and an ultra athletic lens.

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Additional information

Lens color

Brown With AR Coating

Face fit

Medium to large

Front lens

5.35 Inch


.47 Inch

Temple Size

4.84 Inch

Temple Color

Red Matte

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Customer Reviews

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Light grey metallic matte 3.iceman

Gréât glasses! Would have been nice to have a small cleaning cloth included in the case.


Love 💕 them!

Great golf sunglasses

Can finally see my ball in flight and read breaks on the green. Super game improvement and they look great as well.

New Glasses

Got my glasses today, and I love my new pair. They were exactly what I wanted


I recently purchased a set of Icemans, and absolutely love them

Accessory Lenses

Our Iceman and Stinger glasses all have interchangeable lenses. When it ultimately comes down to personal preference, below are a few tips for choosing a lens color.

Grey Tints - Best for bright days because they cut the sun's rays without substantially affecting true colors. Considered a neutral lens.

Pink Tints -  Heighten contrast but can distort colors, particularly effective on the putting green. Pink lenses highlight red and yellow hues in the color green, helping see the contours and read breaks better.

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